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Started by , July 21, 2003, 12:40:36 AM

A reminder that the forum is 'Ask the Staff', not 'Ask the Players'.  Please let the staff reply to questions posed here.  Comments are, of course, welcome.  Ultimately, however, this is 'Ask the Staff' so it is assumed people are looking for a staff response here.

-the Shade of Nessalin

The forum is intended for staff responses and when there is an extensive amount of player responses before a staff member gets to it, I personally feel it is much less likely to be read or responded to. When the posts begin to fill up with anecdotes, stories, debates, "Well I don't know, but I would guess", and such things, it begins to be cumbersome.

(Just noticed Cerebus posted something similar; he's just quicker than I am.  This re-iterates that, albeit a bit more lengthy.)

In short, if I look at an "Ask the Staff" thread and see 15 replies I am very reluctant to wade through them when from unfortunate experience 90% are OOC Chatter.  What ends up happening is there are lots of player responses and sometimes no staff response.  In this case it might as well be "General Discussion."

What I would prefer is to have a question directed at staff, and staff answer it.  I am quite selfishly trying to look after my own time constraints in avoiding lots of player replies, and would suggest asking many or most of these questions in General Discussion, or even double-posting them so player responses can still be garnered.  Some of the player responses are both good & appropriate, but in the end that's just not the main point of this particular forum, unlike every other forum on this board.

Most of us simply don't have the time or resources to read every single GDB post in every forum every day.  Indeed, the volume of posts on this board is drowningly high and the level of consideration put into each individual post has decreased.  It would be delightful to see that trend reverse, as I think we'd all get a lot more out of it.

So, summary:  Please, please, please leave the chit-chat to chit-chat channels or the OOC forum and player-player discussion/debate to General Discussion or elsewhere and step up the amount of consideration and seriousness in your posts in general.  Leave the Ask the Staff to discussion with the STAFF rather than with EACH OTHER.

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Agree with Tony.  I realize there are some downsides to doing it that way, but it's to the stage that I think we need to try something new, and that seems reasonable.

Also, locked threads -- we can still post to those, or unlock them long enough to post to them, it just keeps them from getting overloaded with player posts.  I haven't locked any threads here personally, but that would be one reason I suspect some have been locked, usually (hopefully!) once a staff member has already answered or some good answers already posted.

i]May the fleas of a thousand kanks nestle in your armpit.  -DustMight[/i]

Game related requests should not be made in this forum.  As the forum description title says, it is for questions about opinions, rules, and protocols.  Requests to have your character changed, to have your application reviewed, or other game-administration type requests should be emailed to, not posted here.