Clan Discussion Boards - OOC Chatter and General Guidelines

Started by Adhira, August 06, 2010, 01:32:12 PM

Recently a trend has arisen on the GDB of additional OOC threads and chatter in clan forums. The staff wish to clarify that this sort of use of the clan forums is not appropriate, and give some general guidelines.

OK to post:
-- Your availability to play, such as playtimes, timezone, and absences.
-- General information about your character which would be known by everyone in the clan such as name, rank, sdesc, where stationed.
-- Information about clan area organization (what's where), cleanup efforts, locker claims.
-- RPT announcements including OOC/IC time and place, general subject or activities.
-- OOC discussion and questions about stuff relevant to the clan such as rules, structure, IC schedules, uniforms, how to play a particular clan role.
-- IC rumors, preferably in a single thread, of the same type and nature that could be posted to a clan board found in the game. This is allowed because not all clans have rumor boards in game and because the GDB is more accessible. IC rumors should generally NOT contain every single detail or the whole truth about what happened or who did what, nor should they seek to aggrandize anyone's PC. Instead they should leave room for interpretation and encourage players to seek out more information ICly; they're clues to what's happening, not the whole story. A leader posting an IC rumor about tasks that minions should be pursuing is acceptable so long as it's very general.

Crossing the line:
-- Details about characters such as actual IC likes and dislikes, or stuff that wouldn't be known to absolutely everyone in the clan (basically, if it shouldn't have gone in an IC rumor, then it shouldn't be posted).

Not OK to post:
-- OOC chatter about OOC stuff. The appropriate place for this is the Non-Armageddon Forum, where the whole playerbase is able to participate.
-- OOC chatter about IC stuff. This is never appropriate on the forums or anywhere else.
-- A notice or comment about your character's death or storage. This is not appropriate anywhere.
-- Trolling, flaming, trashing another clan or another player or character are always against the rules of the forum and will be met with the usual ban.

Please understand that we're not trying to end your fun; rather, we want to make sure that the IC/OOC line is very clear and well-maintained. And, that the whole playerbase is one OOC community rather than being split off into smaller groups.
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