Axe_making and Club_making

Started by Zargen, July 12, 2010, 06:38:04 AM

Which guild or sub-guild do these belong to? To me it made the most sense they'd belong to the weaponcrafter subguild since if you can make a sword you could realistically make an axe or club which from any standpoint are far more simplistic.  But neither was there  ??? And none of the helpfiles on any guild or sub-guild point out where they're located.

So it's a two pronged question I suppose. 1.Which sub/guild gets them and 2.How come weaponcrafter subguild doesn't?

1: if it is a crafting skill, merchants get it (eventually). Note that all subguild skills are listed in the subguild helpfile.

2: the easiest explanation is that the weaponcrafter subguild was set up for the weapon crafts it has. No one subguild is going to be able to do everything, and in this case, a master weaponscrafter will have to be a merchant (as would nearly every mastercrafter in anything). These particular skills were chosen when the subguild was created.
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