Special Application

Started by 1, June 14, 2010, 02:36:56 PM

For the background, you say what you DON'T want, a narrative background.... but you do not say what you DO want? Other than three paragraphs...

So... What DO you want?

QuoteA brief background of the character (please limit this to 3-4 paragraphs). Do NOT write this as a narrative/short story. That is fine when you create the character but it is not what we're looking for when evaluating special applications.

For special applications, we're looking for something objective to get the point across; we're not really looking for the same thing you'd put in a background entry.  Explain the basic details of what got your character to this point prior to actual gameplay.  Be objective; you're telling this directly to staff, not fleshing out a background and bio entries.
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