a question about dwarves

Started by Potaje, January 06, 2002, 02:21:46 AM

 Some composition of their bodies and minds tends to make dwarves highly resistant to magick of all kinds, and their high endurance usually renders them virtually (or literally) immune to poisons.

Are the high lighted points True or False as I believe I have born witness to its falsity many times. Are these qualities really not playable code wise or something. My curiosity is peeked about this. And it specifically said all types of magic, but what does that mean, cause I have seen plenty of majik effect dwarves?

Thank you
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The documentation is correct. Resistance to something does not mean it has no effect. The poison bit is a little confusing, but it essentially means about the same thing. I'd interpret it as "virtually immune" to some poisons and "literally immune" to others.
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