Starting tattoos

Started by 5 day lifespan, March 16, 2010, 08:52:22 PM

What limits are there to starting with tattoos?  If I want to have an illustrated character with multiple tattoos (or a body mural on the back) is there a character limit for describing the tattoo?  Can I even start with such markings already on my character?  I had a very interesting marking concept which would either place them on multiple locations or confine the whole description to the back wear location (as removing ones shirt would allow for the full effect - or nearly so).  I assume I will need to have a special app for this to get all the work done, so I wanted to get a few details cleared up first.
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You can't start with coded tattoos.  You would have to purchase them after character generation.

If you want coded special tattoos that are not in-game, this would probably need to be a special application.
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With appropriate roleplay of course.

I think the best use of this type of concept I've seen was a generalized statement about the complex inkings upon the PC's body in their main description, and then that character describing the various portions through emoting as appropriate during RP.
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