'You' in mdescs

Started by AmandaGreathouse, February 16, 2010, 08:58:08 AM

I noticed when I was posting in a thread about the character generator site I have a while back, a staff member posted to say something about having 'you' in the descriptions generated.

Is it a generally accepted practice, or should it be avoided?

If it should be avoided, will the sample descriptions on the main site be updated to reflect that as well? (Looks like about half do and half don't, at the moment.)

Beyond that, if it is used, what are the chances of it being denied/approved/approved but edited not to include it?
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It's okay to use you to describe what you, the reader, sees.  If they looked at you, then it is not forcing an action on them to then describe what they (you) see.  So long as you keep the yous to pure visual description and try to avoid subjective opinion forced on the viewer you should be fine.
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