Correct Proceedure for an item typo/bug

Started by mansa, February 08, 2010, 11:18:46 PM


There are sometimes items in the game that I don't think have the correct settings on them, as a player.

Items such as:

A cloaked item that should be able to close.
A large weapon item that I think should be able to be sheathed on your back
An item that I think I should be able to 'hold'.

I've always either "typoed" or "bugged" these items, and left it as that.  Is this the correct proceedure?  Or should I wish up about the object?   Should I do both?  If an object that I typo gets fixed, does it automatically fix the item I have in my inventory?  Is there a better way to go about getting it fixed?

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Which is the best choice depends.

The bug/typo/idea database is very large and might be addressed more slowly than the request tool or email. 

Please be aware if you over use the request tool for something that should be in a different database, such as bug/typo/idea db then you might be slowing the overall effectiveness of that database.
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