Morgan Freeman's voice

Started by Bushranger, January 26, 2010, 04:41:57 PM

Quote from: NyrIf I ever come off that way, I'm usually thinking in Morgan Freeman's voice, just like you're doing as you read the rest of this sentence.

If (when?) you do another video cast of Armageddon can you do it in Morgan Freeman's voice?


Quote from: MorgenesYa..what Bushranger said...that's the ticket.

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Just for you who want the soundtrack in your heads, Nyr actually does a pretty good Morgan Freeman voice.  Especially from the Shawshank Redemption:

"... that was the longest night of Bushranger's life."

Other staff voices, for your mental playlist:

Thistle:  Olivia Newton John, especially from Xanadu
Shabago:  Does a wicked fine C3PO voice.  Constantly.
Tzurahro:  Absolutely like a drunken Fran Drescher
Uruz:   usually favors brooding silence.
Shalooonsh:  Most like the ineffable piping at the Gates of Madness.
Senga:  Dolly Parton, but somehow, improbably, more southern sounding.
Olgaris:  I could have sworn it was Harry Carry.  In the eighth inning.

I don't think I've heard the others actually speak, yet.  Oh, wait:

Niamh - Alice Cooper.  All the way.
Ath - Carl Sagan.  Or Carol Channing.  Somewhere right in the middle of those two.
<immcom> Petoch for your thoughts?

I always thought Ath sounded more like Ozzy Osbourne.
Eastman: he came out of the east to do battle with The Amazing Rando!

That's it!  Ozzy Osbourne IS smack dab between Sagan and Channing.  Thanks!
<immcom> Petoch for your thoughts?

I just think in his voice sometimes--I haven't branched Morgan Freeman accent yet.
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With appropriate roleplay of course.


Yeahhhhhh... That's surely fun.  lol
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