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Started by tortall, December 23, 2009, 08:08:47 PM

Is there a particular reason staff haven't been to an APM since 2004.

Or, a large number of imms? Is there a new rule against this, or has it just happened that none can make it anymore?

I know you guys have your Staff Meeting, but.... I always loved having a Player Staff Meeting at the APMs, then hanging out and going to eat after/before.
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I love the players of this game.
That's not a random thought either.

We still have APMs?
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There are no rules against staff attending any APM's although there are no rules about having to reveal that they are staff when they are doing so.
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I've been to every single APM in the last three years.

I keep sitting there, waiting for you guys to invite me over. To say hello. But you never do.

You never do.

I personally would like to make one.  If I am, I will make sure to let people know.
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Quote from: Ath on December 24, 2009, 09:42:59 AM
I personally would like to make one.  If I am, I will make sure to let people know.

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There's no rule. It's totally up to individuals if they want to attend. I imagine things like vacation time and $$ play some part.
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I've been to every DragonCon since the APMs started being held there.  The issue is that noone is stepping up and planning an APM beyond 'let's get together and drink', which was 80% of the older APMs, they still had someone standing up and scheduling activities (planned meeting times, planned dinners, games, etc...).  At times it was staff members who took the responsibility for this, but since it's been at DragonCon, I've been going for DragonCon, and not the APM.  I'm more than happy to meet with people (and have when it was worked out), and I've thought we had a good time when we did.

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