Desert Elf tribes open

Started by Coatlicue, June 28, 2003, 03:06:36 PM

The day has finally arrived.

Those wishing to play in imm-run and ready-made desert elf tribes will, as of today, be able to do so. The two tribes to be opened to interested players with the 1 karma requirement for desert elves will be the Soh Lanah Kah and the Akei Tai Var.

To find out more about both tribes, one can look at

Both tribes have had a few changes done to them, though in both cases a great deal of work had already been done. Our retiring Bakha did an enormous job on the ATV, while the player known as Hot Dancer on the gdb has hung in there with the SLK, also contributing much.

Like in many clans, those wishing to be in either tribe will have to apply via email to me at to be approved. Once you have your concept approved, you will be able to point to the starting room in your tribe and be sent there via the Hall of Kings, suited up and ready to play.

Many thanks go to various parties for their hard work and help making this possible. Specifically imms Sanvean, Nessalin, Raesanos and Bakha, and Hot Dancer the player. It is through their efforts we hope to make the desert elf experience to be more fun. D elf players will have others to role play with and a defined culture from which to work.

WOW  :shock:

I'd just like to say thankyou for putting so much effort into the D. Elves. I've only played a D. Elf a few times and I've always been put off by playing a D Elf because I'd die so much and I also didn't have anyone else to RP with to get a better understanding of the D Elf culture. I'm sure the new efforts going into the D Elves will help people like me a lot :D

So thanks ;)

Great stuff. D-Elf is only a few off on my list of amazing-and-super-things-to-do.

Congratulations to all those who worked so hard!
We were somewhere near the Shield Wall, on the edge of the Red Desert, when the drugs began to take hold...