Will the gladiators return?

Started by Barzalene, June 27, 2003, 03:41:18 PM

I remember how exciting the gladiator matches were. They were tabled, I assume due to time constraints. I'm wondering if they will make a come back.  Thanks.
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If I can find a staff member with enough bandwidth to drive it, maybe in the fall, yeah.


Whats the bandwidth needed for it?

And please bring them back... It was great watching or being in them... Even though I only did it once and died a horribly quick death.

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Sorry, I've fallen into the habit of using management speak too much. *smacks herself*

By bandwidth, I mean a staff member with the time and energy to handle it. That includes:

    answering emails from prospective gladiators and evaluating their apps
    working with a HL+ to get their accounts set up
    setting up the characters
    organizing and running the RPTs, including posting ahead of time to let people know what's up
    moderating the gladiator GDB forum
    policing the occasional gladiator problem
    updating the rooms and equipment as needed


You should be able to find someone to do it, I'd even offer to do it minus that I'm not staff ;)
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Heck, Id do it.
I think anyone would do it just to bring back the gladiator fun to the world.
Maybe a team of three... to coordinate gladiator fun in Luir's, Allanak, and eventually Tuluk (whenever their arena is rebuilt).

I think this would be great!

I'd do it. But couldn't... Maybe we should pay someone in pretzels to do it! Or other cheap snack food...

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Quote from: "creeper386"I'd do it. But couldn't... Maybe we should pay someone in pretzels to do it!
Naaah. Pay them in 'sid. One of just has to twink our sneak skill to break into the Highlords Vault.

Any twinks around?

I meant pay them IRL... And you can't eat 'sid!!!!
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Quote from: "creeper386"I meant pay them IRL... And you can't eat 'sid!!!!

...psh...of course you can
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