What's your favorite "yo mama" joke?

Started by musashi, December 03, 2009, 01:32:05 AM

Title says it all.
Quote from: Marauder Moe
Oh my god he's still rocking the sandwich.

Yo mama's so fat, kanks went extinct rather than chance being ridden by her.
Quote from: LauraMars on December 15, 2016, 08:17:36 PMPaint on a mustache and be a dude for a day. Stuff some melons down my shirt, cinch up a corset and pass as a girl.

With appropriate roleplay of course.

Yo mama's so dumb, she saw a sign that said "Allanak Left" and then admitted to a templar that she could read it and so got tossed into the arena and killed by a Gaj.


Your mama's the reason halflings reach for a box of kleenex when they wake up.
I seduced the daughters of men
And made the death of them.
I demanded human sacrifices
From the rest of them.
I became the spirit that haunted
And protected them.
And I lived in the tower of flame
But death collected them.
-War is my Destiny, Ill Bill

You give your towering mound of dung to the inordinately young-spirited Shalooonsh.
the inordinately young-spirited Shalooonsh sends:
     "dude, how'd you know I was hungry and horny?"

Yo' mama's so fat, she fell on her ass in Tuluk and the Dragon took credit for the crater she made.

-- X

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Yo mama so fat that when she farted, she parted the Silt Sea.

Yo mama so fat that when she walked through the Labyrinth, they later found Rinthis struck in her folds.
Ourla:  You're like the oil paint on the canvas of evil.

Yo mama's so stanky that gortoks run when they catch a whiff.
Eastman: he came out of the east to do battle with The Amazing Rando!