History: The Excavation of Al T'ah.

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The Excavation of Al T'ah

Quote from: HistoryI coughed. Dust billowed in the underground chamber, caking my lips and throat. Crusting in my eyes as they mixed with involuntary tears. I couldn't see. The rotting wooden beams that we had used to prop up the impromptu excavation creaked alarmingly. Behind me I could hear the labored grunts and gasps of Drehz as he struggled with his his stone magicks to hold up the enormous amounts of earth over us. I uttered a quick prayer to Tektolen and felt immediately foolish: Tektolnes wouldn't be helping us ever again - not if we found what we were looking for.

I rubbed the sand out of my eyes and shook my glow crystal furiously, pressing forward into the darkness. At the end of the mishappen cooridor I was in I knelt and began digging with my bare hands. Furiously. Quickly. The creaking continued. Dust and sand poured from the ceiling in greater amounts, piling on my shoulders and pooling in the crevasses of my cloak, weighing it down.

My fingers hit something hard. Something impossibly hard. I pulled it free and my breath caught in my throat. It was dark. Black mottled with red. I had never seen anything like it. Not up close. Not in the hands of anyone not of noble blood.

"Metal. Iron? Feck me."

My hands trembled. Drehz had told me not to open the box when I found it. Not to disturb whatever lay within. But I felt compelled. It had no lock. It begged to be open. It sang to me. I opened the lid. My hands trembled. Somewhere behind me, Drehz shouted a warning. Blackness spilled out of the box. I tried to close it. It fell from my hands - impossibly heavy. Impossibly heavy. I backed away in a crawl and a stumble. Dust covered me to my chest. Something flowed out of the box. My hands trembled.

The long-overdue Cavaticus pulls himself out of a squat, rusty iron box.

The long-overdue Cavaticus looks down at you.

The long-overdue Cavaticus says, in heavily accented Sirihish:
          "Oh hai."

Your vision goes black.
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