Started by Bakha, June 24, 2003, 10:41:30 AM

Now who am I going to be able to call Kakha?

I didn't really know you too well, but simply by the posts in this thread I can tell your are a good person, player, and Immortal and you will be greatly missed.

Ghir'dae Bakha

I'll miss ya much. Keep in touch.  


Heyas Bakha,
Sorry to hear that you're retiring man, you will be missed for sure! In the meantime, I would like to thank you for your total involvement and contributions to House Salarr, and the players who had the opportunity to interract with you during your time with Salarr - it was GREAT !

Thank you again.
The figure in a dark hooded cloak says in rinthi-accented Sirihish, 'Winrothol Tor Fale?'

Quote from: "Bakha"
So long and thanks for the memories,

What? No fish?

Sorry, Douglas Adams flashback.

On a more serious note, you will definitely be missed. Enjoy what life brings you and thanks for all the good times, Bakha.

Ah, so you're retiring.  I'll meet you at the designated spot at the designated time.

- Halaster