Staff Emails

Started by , June 21, 2003, 03:09:21 AM

I had a question about staff emails, does it work like:

or both? or neither? or what?


I think it SOMETIMES work both ways. Sometimes works one way. But not completely sure. I do know that the bestest way is to MAKE SURE you have the staff name right. LOL. Sorry Sanvean.

Anyways... I don't know how it works...

But I know sometimes either one works depending on which staff member it is.

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I always use ginka.* and it seems to work, but then again, there have been a few that I'm not sure got through...

Either way works.

I've never had a problem sending or receiving to either or

Personally I think adding 'ginka' is more cool.

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Yes, 'ginka' is old school. Boiii!

I got so badly in the habit of using ginka that it's almost a neurotic thing.  People who joined staff after became the norm get emails from me without the ginka, others get it.

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