Help Populate New Tuluk!

Started by Sanvean, June 14, 2003, 01:30:05 AM

It still feels empty when I run a PC around in those long, long streets. Any NPC contributions are greatly appreciated. The more the merrier. Guidelines are available here:

Send them in.  It'll distract the staff from eating brains.

Need a list of possibilities to get you started?
beggars, farmers, slaves, bards, merchants, humans, dwarves, elves, half-elves, mutants, templars, soldiers, cripples, commoners, prostitutes (of either gender), rogues, old rebels, hunters, spice-sniffers, crafters, nomads, lizard-tamers, prophets, lunatics, servants...

I guarantee that there will be 30-40 male prostitutes running around Tuluk because of this.

Crap.. Well I suppose I wont submit mine now...

I was only submitting five by the way!
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Yes, but were any of them crippled prophetic spice-sniffing mutant prostitute-templars?
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I think we might need to change World Discussion to Armchair Zalanthan Anthropology.

Quote from: "crymerci"Yes, but were any of them crippled prophetic spice-sniffing mutant prostitute-templars?
Well, mine was going to be the crippled, nomadic, spice-sniffing, elf templar/slave.
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what about the south though....
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Bah, the south already had its big NPC population boost a year or so back with Krrx. Besides, the North is better :P

Also... if you bring your next pc to Tuluk you will be real cool... we need more pc's! It sucks when you see 40 people online and you just wander around the few main spots people should hang out and find nobody there. Huh... I could be wrong, it goes in shifts and spurts. Go Muk Utep!
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Ohh! Sanvean runs a PC in the Northlands, time for mass genocide, because... for some reason I feel the need to kill Sanvean.

Note please that I have no intention to kill anyone in the Northlands due to this thread, nor do I wish any harm upon Sanvean or any incarnations thereof.

Hmm, staffers can have PCs? That's pretty cool. Not trying to start a debate.. Just commenting.

Everyone make their npcs really horrible to encourage players to play in Allanak! yeah!

Conversely, I think Northerners rely on the horrible PC's in Allanak to drive players to Tuluk.   :P

Completely kidding of course.  :)
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<Miee> The Helper Death Commando is right.

Is there going to be an announcement when you don't need anymore?

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When I saw "populate the north" I nearly had a heart attack considering the south has gotten decent numbers again :P