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Started by creeper386, June 13, 2003, 07:20:03 PM

Well... Could have sworn Brixius made a thread for such things, but I'm really tired, sore, and lazy, and so can't find it.

Anyways. Mostly just wondering about the "view posts since your last visit." Now, I'm adding in this so it's clear that I know that there IS such a link. I'm not suggesting that link be included as it's already there. What I am suggesting is something thats not there. Thats why I'm making the suggestion. Now lets see, oh yes, the suggestion. Anyways, I know it's possible to make it so posts you haven't read or "marked" in some way show up there, instead of ones that are new since your last visit. So if you don't have the time to go through the whole list or accidently shut your window or something you are still able to see the posts? See, it'd work if the search was alittle more detailed as you can search posts that are a day old, but can search for posts within the last hour, or last few hours, or what not. I always end up missing something for several days because I go to "view posts since your last visit" and end up crashing or want not and not getting to finish everything up. VERY frustrating.

And, maybe a possible option when posting to post that post Anon. I've not made posts before because I didn't want to log out(I'd have to log back in) but wanted to post Anon, and it seems some people think they are logged in when they aren't, possible that this is one of the reasons having to log out to be able to post Anon.... Think thats all, for now.

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The option to view all posts since last visit is available.  From the top of the index page, you see the Vote animated gif, and the feature you're talking about is on the right-hand side of the page in line with that vote button.  There's four options total, each as text links:

View posts since last visit
View your posts
View unanswered posts
Posting Guidelines

Hmm... I know that. I was wondering about changing it. So it's not a "view posts since your last visit" as much as "view posts that you haven't viewed before" and give the option to be able to mark posts as read or something so you don't have to see it, at least untill someone makes a new post.

And, just in case, I'll fix my first post... Was clear to me that I knew there was a "view posts since your last visit" button and I was asking about possible changes to it... But obviously not everyone else, I might be able to see why, but probably not. Oh well. Have fun.

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I understand what you mean, Creeper.  Especially when I check the GDB at work, sometimes I don't get to everything that was new before the page expires.  

I don't know if there's anything in the phpBB code that can fix that, but what I do is go back to the index page and figure out about what time it was that I last read, or which post was the last one I read.  Then you can go back through since they are sorted by most recent (except stickies) and see which topics have been written in since your last check.  Yeah, it's kinda a lot of work but if you can't figure it out any other way it's a solution.
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The problem as I see it is that being idle on the GDB for a certain amount of time logs you that point, the counter resets so when you come back, it only shows you new since last visit.  If that time out was removed or made a bit longer, it would be easier, I think, to keep track of what you've read or not.
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some forums have this list pulldown thing you can pick so you can view messages since 1 hour ago, or 2 hours ago, 6 hours ago, 12 hours ago, yesterday, last week, and last month

that midht be good

Unfortunately, the database doesn't actually track what you have read or not. It appears to do this through subtle use of session variables, but the data isn't stored across sessions, so there isn't an easy way to say "View the things I haven't viewed before".

With that in mind, I've added a feature at the top that will allow you to see all posts within the last 24, 48, or 72 hours. Hopefully, this will help people who can't use the "View all since last login" feature.

As always, any feedback is welcome.


I love the new feature! Is there any chance you can add a 12 hour thing too? I read fairly regularly, and sometimes those posts jam up in a 24 hour period.

Currently I use the "since last logged on" feature but that only applies to when I'm actually logged on. It would be nice to lurk once in awhile too :)

12 hour time option added.


Maybe a three and six would be useful... Just to keep with the halfs. LOL. Well thats something. I know I've seen boards with the view posts I haven't read, thought it was the same sort of board too... SHRUG.

Thank you though, Sir. I CAN use the view posts since you last visit but sometimes it'll pop up with a good 20+ posts and I have only ten minutes it can be abit hectic and never get through all of them and then I ussually forget to quit being lazy long enough to wade through things to be able to find what I didn't see.

Very very good. Certainly changed rather quickly too. Good job!

Creeper gives props to the Brix-Man.
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Wow, that was fast work.  Thanks, Brixius.  :D
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