Who Wants This Shit?

Started by Aaron Goulet, June 30, 2009, 02:43:38 AM

I noticed that the helpfiles for mining, clay digging, cotton-picking, et cetera give players a fairly good idea of where to go to make money from the fruits of their labors, but no such guidance seems to be available for the lowly pooper-scoopers of Zalanthas.  Is there any way that some in-game hints or an addition to the help files might alleviate some of the difficulties of trying to find someone to dump our shit onto? The job's thankless enough as it is without having to carry around animal feces until we can find a buyer.
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A lot, and I mean a lot of these jobs have the buyer very near the site where the actual thankless work in question is being done.  Additionally you'll probably find many players with knowledge on where to sell the gods after they are mined/dug/scavenged.  I wouldn't object to additional help files personally, but for a quick fix for your problem consider asking other characters in game.
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