How to use this forum/Submissions guidelines

Started by Adhira, June 16, 2009, 01:05:51 PM

This forum is to assist in the creation of player guides and documentation that will be submitted to the website via the Original Submissions tool.  Feel free to raise topics that you'd like to see in the guides, post your guide for commentary or ask for player input and assistance in putting a guide together.

To assist you in preparing your submissions the following information should be considered:

Player guides and documentation may be submitted via the Original Submissions tool.  Submitters will be credited with authoring the work as per all Original Submissions. If other players are involved in the collaboration submitters may wish to include an acknowledgement line at the beginning of the document. 

Staff reserve the right to remove, update or edit documentation as they deem appropriate. Staff will inform the submitter on major changes prior to implementing them and when appropriate give the submitter the opportunity to rework the document.

Guidelines should not include sensitive or IC information. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if it is in the helpfiles then it is safe to use.

Multiple submissions will be accepted on the same topic. For example there may be three guides submitted on 'Playing a great Thief'. However, staff may refuse a submission if they feel the topic has been covered appropriately or replace an older document with a new one. To prevent this from being an issue players are encouraged to use this forum to collaborate on documents rather than each submitting their own item.
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