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Who has Irish blood????
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Hell, I do.
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With appropriate roleplay of course.

Me too.
"It doesn't matter what country someone's from, or what they look like, or the color of their skin. It doesn't matter what they smell like, or that they spell words slightly differently, some would say more correctly." - Jemaine Clement. FOTC.

Irish and German, mainly, myself.

My grandparents fought against each other in WWII.
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I do, thanks to one of my great-grandparents.   8)
Eastman: he came out of the east to do battle with The Amazing Rando!

If the civilization wore kilts, raided villages, had longboats, or loved beer, it's part of my genetics. 

Gotta love being a raider mutt.

"Yar" is not a word, it is a way of life.

This tartan is from one of the places my people took the fuck over until they got bored of it:

Nice, huh?
I seduced the daughters of men
And made the death of them.
I demanded human sacrifices
From the rest of them.
I became the spirit that haunted
And protected them.
And I lived in the tower of flame
But death collected them.
-War is my Destiny, Ill Bill

I feel left out.

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Thistle: Is that game called 'armageddon'?
Nyr swings a steel greatsword named 'Immortal Slayer' at Thistle, a thorny potted plant.
Tiernan the Timelord leans backward and boots you right in your head.
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