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Started by 5 day lifespan, April 06, 2009, 02:49:52 PM

Currently I am engaged in a heavy amount of RP with a friend who I am getting into the game.  I am filling in some of the gaps in our RP times (when one or both of us is at work) by writing short stories that include my RP with virtual NPC's.  IE, I am writing dialog and vignettes of my character interacting with family members and co-workers who dont exist in a coded fashion in game.  These are there primarily to lend depth to our characters for the two of us and for anyone else who may become involved as the story progresses (or until there is death, which should be any second now for me).  While writing these, I also realized that these also help explain the motivations behind what might appear to be from an Imm's perspective to be somewhat silly actions for a character in my position. 

Is there any interest on the part of the Imms to see such things as they sort of provide a back story for a virtual clan?  I'm not concerned about karma (though I am curious if it can be awarded for such things) but I figure that should I survive past the 5 day mark and beyond, these sorts of things will help the Imms RP with me (should they get really bored) as I continue to grow as a character and in my character's goals.  I think also I could use someone to talk about the weird situation I've gotten myself landed in and can't discuss it on the boards due to it's IC sensitive nature.
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You could add these to your biography with the "bio" command.

If you've landed in a weird situation, you can send in a request, or e-mail your clan staff.  (Everyone has clan staff, even independents--independents contact their staff at

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