Shifts in Staff Responsibilities

Started by Sanvean, June 04, 2003, 12:21:19 PM

With the advent of new folks, there's some changes. I'll lay them out so people are aware of changes in clan imms. For this month, people will be working on ramping up to speed on their clans, getting ready to take them on fully. Your assistance in this process will be, I'm sure, greatly apprecaited.

Brixius and Raesanos will be working with the T'zai Byn, letting Tlaloc move on to other things he wants to do.

Coatlicue is becoming our Desert Elf representative. She'll be working with the Desert Elf Outpost, helping player-run tribes, and seeing about the viability of re-opening the Akei Ta Var.

Myrdryn will be working with Bakha to take on the Northern Templarate as well as continuing to run the Anyali.

Raesanos will be re-opening Tenneshi at the end of the summer.

Xygax will take Salarr, allowing Cerebus to focus on Borsail.

Zhaira will be taking on Tor and the Tor Academy.

I'll work on updating contact info on this board and the website this week - other staff assignments remain the same.