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Re: Discussion for "Mansa's Beginner's Guide to Armageddon MUD"
« Reply #50 on: March 10, 2018, 10:44:35 AM »
Beautiful, I really enjoyed reading through it with the extra presentation tweaks. Also a great expanded guide for newbie help.

So...gonna offer to be a newbie helper again...then just send this link. Oh you got a question, read this, afk for a min.   ;)   j/k though....
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Re: Discussion for "Mansa's Beginner's Guide to Armageddon MUD"
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As a new player who just submitted my first character last night, I'm a little pissy you didn't post that 24 hours earlier...

But seriously, I think the layout of that is a lot easier to read and process and I hope to read through it some more this weekend.


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Re: Discussion for "Mansa's Beginner's Guide to Armageddon MUD"
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New version is up and live.  Thanks to lostinspace for a section on advanced combat (still working).

The section on crafting is pretty spartan.  Is there any crafter out there who wants to send me the 101 basics of crafting that a new crafter would want to know?

Here's the link to the latest release:

Here's a link to the working version (warning: only looks nice in Chromium apparently):

Here's the changelog:

moved FAQ/What do I Know? to the top - 03/13/2018
added Lostinspace's Advanced Combat - 03/12/2018
added Cheatsheet - 03/10/2018
added Sample Builds - 03/10/2018
added What do I know? - 03/10/2018
added How do I use a ranged weapon? - 03/10/2018
added How do I hunt? - 03/10/2018
added How do I get a job or join a clan? - 03/10/2018
added How do I talk to staff? - 03/10/2018

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Re: Discussion for "Mansa's Beginner's Guide to Armageddon MUD"
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What is Karma:
Karma Changes:,52604.0.html
Requesting a Karma Review:

Karma Breakdown

0 Karma: 1 Karma: 2 Karma:3 Karma:

::Updated to add Nilazi Anathema::
::Updated to add Drov Shadow Dancer & Drov Shadow Stalker as per (,49825.msg1034320.html#msg1034320)::
::Updated to adjust 2 karma mundane subclasses to 1 karma as per (,49825.msg1038393.html#msg1038393)::
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New Players Guide:,33512.0.html

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Re: Discussion for "Mansa's Beginner's Guide to Armageddon MUD"
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This looks nice!

Could you include a blurb about how if you wish to make custom items, you are required to pick subclass customcrafter if you don't have the karma for a custom crafting subguild (which new players aren't likely to have)?

I know the italicized items are tongue in cheek but there is no "ranger" anymore.
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Re: Discussion for "Mansa's Beginner's Guide to Armageddon MUD"
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Sorry to be anal retentive but shouldn't it be "mercantile" rather than "merchantile"? 
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Re: Discussion for "Mansa's Beginner's Guide to Armageddon MUD"
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Sorry to be anal retentive but shouldn't it be "mercantile" rather than "merchantile"?
Yes because one is a word, one isn’t.
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Creating a Character - Things to consider at the start
« Reply #57 on: May 01, 2019, 12:16:17 AM »
There's some questions you should consider before creating a character:

Q. What race do I want to play?

For your first couple characters, I would suggest either a human, dwarf, or elf.  The races in the world of Zalanthas, in ArmageddonMUD, are just different enough from the typical fantasy experience. 
The standard rules apply:
  • Humans are the most versatile race, and can be almost any size and shape.
  • Dwarves are short and muscular.
  • Elves are tall and skinny

From there, ArmageddonMUD has added other attributes, cultural experiences, and race reputation to the mix.
  • Dwarves are always completely bald.
  • Dwarves have what's called a focus, or a singular goal that drives their world and personality.
  • Dwarves who complete their focus move on to the next focus, which is usually an evolution or more advanced version of their previous one.
  • Elves live in tribes, and have a strong family sense.  They have tests of loyalty to outsiders.
  • Elves are thieves, and their merchants have a reputation of ripping people off.
  • Elves do not ride mounts, but prefer to run.
  • Elves are much weaker than the typical fantasy version.

You can read more about the races here:

One popular question is:  "What's the population of the major cities?  How is it broken down by?"
It's roughly set up like this:
Tuluk (350,000)
219,000 humans(50% are slaves)(62.6% of total)
108,500 elves(10% are slaves)(31% of Total)
3,500 dwarves(65% are slaves)(1% of Total)
3,500 half-giants(80% are slaves)(1% of Total)
7,000 half-elves(40% are slaves)(2% of total)
1,500 muls(98% are slaves)(0.4% of total)
7,000 unknown/other/mutant(25% are slaves)(2% of Total)

Allanak (481,880)
310,000 humans(50% are slaves)(150,000 free)(64.3% of total)
150,000 elves(10% are slaves)(135,500 free)(31.1% of total)
7,500 dwarves(65% are slaves)(2,600 free)(1.8% of total)
3,800 half-giants(20% are slaves)(3,150 free)(0.8% of total)
5,800 half-elves(40% are slaves)(3,400 free)(1.3% of total)
1,980 muls(99% are slaves)(18 free)(0.4% of total)
2,800 unknown/other/mutant(40% are slaves)(1,400 free)(~0.6% of total)

Q. What environments do I want to explore in?

The world of Zalanthas is a desert world, with few centers of civilization.  When considering a new character, consider what environment you primarily want to play and explore in:
Within a City or In the Wilderness.
If you want to explore outside the city, you should consider choosing a character class that has skills that can be utilized in the wilderness. 
Some skills to look for are:
  • Direction Sense
  • Ability to make camp in the Wilderness
  • Skinning
  • Ride

If you want to stay within the safe cities, you should then consider whether you want to side on some criminal activities or whether you want to try and gain wealth through mercantile activities and crafting.
Some criminal skills to look for:
  • Sneak
  • Hide
  • Steal
  • Peek
Some mercantile skills to look for:
  • Haggle
  • Clothworking
  • Stonecrafting
  • Fletchery

An indepth list of classes can be found here:

My personal recommendation is:
Play in Wilderness - Stalker (
Play as a Criminal - Pilferer (
Play as a Merchant - Dune Trader (
Play as a jack-of-all-trades - Adventurer (

Q. How do I primarily want to interact with other characters in the game?

Zalanthas has indepth social and political structures that characters fit into and roleplay around.  There are noble families, merchant families, soldiers, mercenary companies, Templars (Judge, Jury, and Executioners), tribals, thieves, commoners.
In the citystates of Allanak and Tuluk, only Humans are nobles and Templars.  If you wanted to be able to interact with most social structures in the cities, choose to play a human.  If you wanted to be caste as a thief and a second-class citizen, play as an Elf.  If you want to play as a strong warrior, or dedicated artist, play as a dwarf.  Since this game has permanent death, if your character's hit points goes below -10 they are 'dead forever', which means you have the opportunity to make a new type of character!

If you've decided to make a non-human, that's okay.  ArmageddonMUD is a roleplaying game and you get to decide your own enjoyment.  If you want more information about some unique roleplaying aspects of Dwarves and Elves, here are a bunch of threads on the Discussion Board:

stoicreader's "Ultimate Dwarf RP Guide":,53845.0.html
Armaddict's Why I play Elves:,54201.0.html
Dar's Elven Agorophobia (Elven Anxiety) :,54162.0.html
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New Players Guide:,33512.0.html

You win Armageddon, congratulations!  Type 'credits', then store your character and make a new one


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When creating a character in ArmageddonMUD, there are three requirements:

Main Description
Short Description
Background / History

I usually prepare a character and save this information in a simple text file on my computer before I apply in game.

Let's approach the main description first.

Writing a character description
When other characters look at your character, the game will display your character's main description.  This is a paragraph that describes what your character looks like in a neutral setting.  Your character may be in many different movement states at the time, like sleeping, fighting, sitting at a bar, riding a mount, so it's best to not describe an action that your character may be doing.  It looks a bit funny if your description says, 'This woman standing here....' or 'This elf is grinning while he wiggle his fingers...' or 'As he flexes his gigantic and powerful arms, a muscular dwarf...' when your character may be resting on a cot, or in the middle of a battle.
Your character's main description will remain your character's main description for most of their life.  You can request a change to your character's main description through the request tool after a certain amount of time has past while playing the game, usually once every real life year.  See Description Change for more details.

When thinking of what your character looks like, I do it this way. I fill out these points, and then build up from there:
  • What does their Face look like.
  • Their Hairstyle...
  • Their Eyes...
  • Their Nose...
  • Their Mouth...
  • Their Body Shape...
  • Their Height...
  • Their Weight...
  • Their Hands...
  • Their Race...
  • Their Sex...
...And then I add any other feature I want to display.  Are they disfigured?  Do they have prominent tattoos or major scars that will never be covered up?

Here's an example:
FaceNarrow and Long
NoseFlat and crooked
Mouthfull, luscious lips with perfect teeth.
Body ShapeTall and Skinny
HandsNarrow fingers, dirty fingernails
OtherHas a peg leg

From there, I put the words together into sentences.

This human male is tall and skinny.  His hands have narrow fingers, with dirty
fingernails.  He has a peg leg attached to the stump of his left leg.  His
face is narrow and long.  His hair is shaved, his eyes are blue.  His nose is
flat and crooked, and he has full, luscious lips with perfect teeth.

That's it!  I use this method when I'm not sure what my character will look like.  As you create more and more characters, you can be as descriptive as you want in your main description.  But for your first few, don't stress it out and make something simple that includes those major points.
There are many ways to write a character's description!  ArmageddonMUD is primarily a writing and roleplaying game, so some players spend a lot of time on their description to get it just right.
Here are other examples:

Writing a short description
Since the main description is usually a paragraph, it would be cumbersome to have it echo to the screen each and every time you walk from room to room.  The Short Description is a few words that summarize your character's description, in a bite-sized chunk (It's up to 35 characters in length.)

Typically, it's set up like this:
the <something>, <something> <race>

As in:
the tall, muscular man
the tall, tattooed dwarf
the small, blue-eyed woman

The goal is to summarize or to pick out key features of your main description and display them in your short description.   Let's look at the main description from the example above.  Some of the key features of that character are:
He's got a peg leg.
His head is shaved.
He's tall and skinny.

I could make his short description any one of the following:
the tall, peg-legged man
the shaved, peg-legged man
the tall, skinny, human male
the skinny, peg-legged human

It's good to have the short description describe things that are also in your main description.  Since the Main Description has a lot of space to be as descriptive as you want, trying to shorten it and summarize it into a short description is usually the harder task.  Your short description has the same limitations to changing as your main description, which is typically once every real-life year.

Writing your character's history and background
In my opinion, this is the most fun part.  Who is this character, who is their family?  What are their motivations?  What are their goals and what makes them a real person?  There are a lot of resources for creative writing characters.  I'll include some links at the end.  For the most part, I try and answer the typical questions posed by Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.
  • What's their Personality?
  • What's their Ideals?
  • What's their Bonds?
  • What's their Flaws?
Sometimes I answer these questions:
  • How do I treat and deal with elves?  What about dwarves?
  • Do I like the place I live in?  Am I fed up and want to travel and explore?
  • Where is my family?  Are they alive still?
  • If I were to get into a fight, would I run away immediately and come back with friends, or would I stand my ground?
  • Would I sign up to work for the nobility?  What about one of the merchant houses?

After you write the history of your character, your traits, flaws, and other things that help flesh out your character, it gets saved in the game as your biography.  What's interesting about ArmageddonMUD is that you can ADD to your biography as your character explores, has fun, joins groups, leaves groups, and murders your enemies.  You can add more to the story of your character and it becomes chapters of your characters life.  Once you're in the game, you can pull up your biography by typing the command Biography or Bio  See here for more information:

Where is your character from?  Where are you going to start playing?
When you want to include where they are from, I suggest to say they are from the large citystate of Allanak.  This is a major city that a lot of other player characters will be in.  Here is a brief outline of the city:
More details here:
Even more details here:

More Examples of Backgrounds:
Nessalin, one of the producers of the game, wrote a very nice tool to help generate random ideas of sample characters to play:
It is really helpful to give examples as to what is possible when writing a background.

Here are some sample backgrounds from the website:
Check it out.  There's some fantastic ones there.

Bringing Characters Alive
In my opinion, Acting and Roleplaying are the same thing.  I asked the player, Vox, for some acting tips.  This is what they said:
Quote from: Vox
Three basics in acting hold true here:

1. Who am I? (the background of my character, what events have occurred and how have they shaped my character’s personality? What’s my status in society, and how do others see me vs how I want to be seen.)
2. Where am I? (do I understand the location in the world my character was raised vs where I live now? What are the politics and social stratus? What’s acceptable etiquette based on location and my character’s background?)
3. What’s my objective? (Major and minor goals, what are my character’s desires and how am I striving to attain them?)

When roleplaying, it's more fun when you get to live outside your own skin as someone else.  Try not to be yourself in another world, but to be someone else, like an Actor.  These are some tricks that I do:
  • Try to have one particular motion that your character constantly does.  You could sniff every couple minutes, like you have a constant cold (or maybe it shows they are addicted to some illegal substance.  You could wearily look towards the entrances of the building you are in because your character doesn't like to feel trapped.  You could have your character repeat things other players say, changing the words slightly, like your character is hard of hearing and doesn't quite understand what people are saying.  Repetition of simple motions really make your characters unique and stand out.
  • Have something your character fears, and be vocal about those fears to other characters.  Nobody is a superman character, and they all have fears.  It may be Sorcerers.  It may be half-giant mercenaries.  It could also be city rats.  When your character shares something to others about their weaknesses, it allows others to react to you as a person in game, and it lets interesting things happen.
  • Try and wedge yourself into the politics of a city.  Ask around who is in charge, and ask them if they need help reaching their goals.  Try and figure out what that merchant from House Kadius wants to accomplish or see what that merchant from House Kurac is trying to sell or search for, and volunteer to join in that.  When a player has a character that is a leader within an organization, they usually have multiple things or quests on the go that they want to reach.  These players are great for helping out new characters and giving them that small push to show that the world of Zalanthas is alive and moving.
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New Players Guide:,33512.0.html

You win Armageddon, congratulations!  Type 'credits', then store your character and make a new one


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You mean it's just TEXT ?!?!
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ArmageddonMUD is a text-based roleplaying game.

What does that mean?

This is the game:

It's text!  In a window.  It looks... borrrrring?

Here's some help with what the game is trying to portray to you:


When you type commands into the game, the game responds.


That's it?

That's it.

No, seriously.  That's it?

Yes.  The mechanical or coded aspects of this game is 100% based upon typing information into the game, and the game responding.  You don't need a mouse.  You don't need a high-end graphics card.  All you need is the ability to connect to the server, and to be able to type information in.
There are no graphics.

Basically, it's like we took a typical pen and paper gaming session, and put it into a persistent world, with the dice rolls automated.  There are thousands of commands you can type into the game, that the game will respond to.   North, South, Get, Put, Say, Kill, Flee, Emote.  I could go on and on, but if you can think of a verb, it probably has a corresponding action the game is built to handle.

Since a MUD type game is designed around text, people have compared them to living novels.   All the room descriptions, NPC descriptions, and weapon descriptions can be modified by the staff of the game, and the world can reflect changes that players have made in it.   One of the examples in ArmageddonMUD is that a player caused a riot to happen, and eventually one of the popular taverns in the city was burned down.  The next day, when players tried to go to that same tavern, it was STILL BURNED DOWN.  Player action can change the environment and the game world! 

When you make a character, your character have a set of skills and abilities, a certain number of hit points (that regenerate over time if injured), and you the player has the ability to express a line of text that would display to all the players in the same room.  You can write, with the most intricate detail, how your character is looking around a busy tavern.  You can write, with fancy flowing words, how your character visibly expresses pleasure after drinking the finest of wines.  You can write, as your character displaying anguish and pain, the sadness they experience as their mate has been murdered.

There are some logs that players have saved and submitted to the website.  You can read up here:
Most of them have been edited to remove a lot of the commands that the players themselves typed into the game.

Different MUD clients to use:
The website has a built in telnet client.
However, there are many free ones out there that give you more features like:
  • Automatic logging of a play session
  • Spellcheck
  • More Macros and Triggers
  • Auto Mapping

I recommend these three:
  • Mudlet
  • MUSHclient
  • atlantis for mac

There's an interesting thread about MUDLET here:,53737.0.html
One of our players has made some add-ons for Mudlet specific for ArmageddonMUD, which may be super helpful.

MUSHclient is found here:

Atlantis is found here:

After you download a mud client, you need to tell it to connect to the work.
The HOST or SERVER is the address where the game runs:
The PORT is specific to our game: 4050

This is the main screen:

You need to create an account.  Type "N" to create a new account.  It will ask you to create a username for your account.
The account structure is how you keep track of all the characters you've played.  It's also a way that the staff can communicate with you, either through email or through the request tool on the website.  Here's a link to the request tool:

After you create a new account username, it will ask for an email address.   It is suggested to not use a hotmail email address.

Next, it will ask if you want to turn on ANSI colors.  Type 'Yes' and press enter, as most clients use ANSI.

After that, it will ask you to fill in a survey as to how you discovered ArmageddonMUD.  It helps us know if our publicity is working.

Finally, it goes right into the create character option in the menu, and starts going through the process to create a character.

You don't have to create a character immediately!
Just disconnect.  You should receive an email from Armageddon MUD <> with your temporary password for your account.
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You win Armageddon, congratulations!  Type 'credits', then store your character and make a new one


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Re: Discussion for "Mansa's Beginner's Guide to Armageddon MUD"
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Maybe an introduction to RP? Emotes, thinks, feels, etc.

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New Players Guide:,33512.0.html

You win Armageddon, congratulations!  Type 'credits', then store your character and make a new one