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The Concise Guide to ArmageddonMUD for New Players
« on: January 12, 2009, 04:41:08 PM »
Foreword: This brief guide, is meant in no way to derail/undermine/disrespect the detailed and obviously well-thought-out Guides posted and still being posted by other players.
Moving on....
Arm gets 2 kinds of new players (newbies) : the first category are those who've heard of ArmageddonMUD through word of mouth and the second category are those who haven't.
The first category would probably consist of players who've heard something "good or interesting or unique" about this MUD, and who are actively making an effort to start playing this game. They might have a brief idea of what to expect on Arm,  if they have heard of Arm, by word of mouth. They might possibly be hardcore RP enthusiasts who are looking for the niche that only Arm can provide. For practical purposes, I call them players with "discerning taste", and these players will probably take the time and put in the effort to peruse the documentation and Beginner's Guides and FAQ's etc, before foraying into Zalanthas.
I would term these new players as Referred or Active Newbies.

The second category would mainly consist of players who're experimenting, using various MUD recommendation sites, or, just randomly looking for a new game to get "hooked onto". These might be players who have little-to-no concept of RP, and might even hail from pure Hack-and-Slash (HnS) MUDs. Despite being based off Diku Code, ArmageddonMUD is unique, and not easy to grasp, initially. When you couple this with the fact that most newbies are looking for "immediate gratification" or "an insta-fix" when they try out a new mud, it doesnt take a detective Lirathan to deduce that these players are not the kind who're gonna take the time and effort to familiarize themselves with the Arm Documentation and the Roleplay Documentation.
I would term these new players as Non-Referred or Passive Newbies.

The following Guide is meant to cater exclusively to new players of the latter category. The sole purpose of this Guide is to retain these new players.

The Concise Guide to ArmageddonMUD for New Players

  • Welcome to ArmageddonMUD.
  • Our webpage is
    [Approx. time to read basic documentation and FAQ's : 25 mins]
  • This is a Roleplay enforced mud. (You may read about the Roleplay Policy and Guide here : and
    [Approx. time to read Roleplaying Guide : 10 mins]
  • To play on ArmageddonMUD, you will require an Account. You can setup an Account at 4050.
    [Approx. time to setup an Account : 5 mins]
  • Once an Account is setup, it will require to be approved and activated by Staff.
    [Approx. time to get a new account approved : 24 hours max, usually within a few hours of submission]
  • Once an Account is approved, you are ready to apply for a Character. Log into the MUD through your account and apply for a Character of your choice, bearing in mind the Guidelines provided in the online application for the Character Main Description, Short Description and Background.
    [Approx. time to apply for a Character : 3 mins and up]
  • Once submitted, the Character will be reviewed and approved for play by Staff (or not), so as to ensure that your Character concept fits the World of Zalanthas, and has no other flaws like typos or other inconsistencies.
    [Approx. time to get your Character approved for play : 48 hours max, usually within a few hours of applying]
  • Once approved, you are ready to enter the World of Zalanthas for play. At the starting location "The Hall of Kings" you will be required to choose your Starting Location. It is a good choice to start in one of the two more populous locations namely Allanak or Tuluk.
    [Approx. time to choose Starting Location and enter the game : 1 min]
  • Your Character is now alive and within the World of Zalanthas. You may wish to familiarize yourself with your surroundings and interract with other players. From here on in, your interractions should all be In-Context (IC) to the world around you, however, should the need arise, you can use the Out-Of-Context or OOC command to let other player(s) know that you are new to the game. They will be more than happy to guide you.
  • It is highly recommended that you create an Account on ArmageddonMUD's General Discussion Board at Here you will find many answers to your questions, including more detailed Guides, and also updates on the game, from time to time
    [Approx. time to create GDB Account : 10 mins]
  • ArmageddonMUD has a list of Helpers who are available to answer your questions via email or Instant Messenger, you can find their list here : You are welcome to forward your enquiries to them, and expect prompt replies.
  • Last, but not the least, you can also use the Online Visitor's Help Tool, to chat with online Helpers and get immediate clarifications to your queries here:

Good luck and happy mudding!
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