Started by The Lonely Hunter, May 26, 2003, 10:31:37 AM

Thanks to you Imms who pop into a NPC just to spice things up, especially during dull and low numbers times.

It really does remind my why I fell in love with Arm in the first place.

Special thanks to that bard ;)
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Yeah...having something done at my character made me, in RL, pause and go 'Uh...wait a second.  Who just did what at me??'
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I was out, solo-RP'ing once relatively recently, not bored out of my mind or anything, yet not exactly having my own private little party either.  Some kindly imm made my kank take a dump while I was sitting out in the sands, and the beastly thing clacked it's pincers at me happily while I grumbled about it's foul, crapping ways.

Thanks for that, gave me a good chuckle.

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My most memorable moment really when dealing with NPCs was when I was fighting one and an Imm jumped in and tossed out a few emotes and then left again. It was mostly great because I was RPing out the fight the best I can. Although they didn't toss out much, it was nice to see alittle responce.

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Yes, definitely thank-yous to Imms for animating kanks and NPC critters, it made me laugh. :D