The color of a durrit

Started by Zira, January 07, 2009, 03:27:09 PM

I saw an item in a shop recently, that had no color mentioned in it's description, and the only thing there to define a color was that it was made from durrit hide.

I can't seem to find 'durrit' in the docs, and thus, even though my character knows the color of the cloak, I don't know, and cannot form a proper opinion of whether said cloak looks nice.

So... the question I have is... what color is a durrit, and should I try to report such items in the future?
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This creature is covered in a thick coat of dark red hair, and is about the
size of a dwarf. It does not retain the stockiness of the dwarf, however;
its body is extremely thin, with its small rib cage showing easily. Its
neck is elongated, about the length of a human's arm, and a triangular head
with two slitted eyes is perched on the end. Sprouting from two slightly
discolored patches of fur is a pair of short arms, each ending in a stubby
finger that tapers into a long gray claw. Lean but muscular legs lead down
to a pair of hooves.