Where are you finding your staff?

Started by Armaddict, May 25, 2003, 03:39:33 PM

From the weekly update:

Several new staff members have joined us: Coatlicue, Raesanos,
Xygax, and Zhaira.

Just curious, where do you find the new staffmembers?  Are they players that asked, that -you- asked because they ran clans well and/or did a lot of room and item writing?  Or were they just -incredibly- good looking?
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Based on conjecture, it's all about who is hot and who is not.  To apply, send a picture of yourself in a clean-cut outfit to Vendyra@armageddon.org.

No, just kidding ;)  I'm sure a Highlord or Overlord will have more to say than I do, but there are many factors that go into this.  A potential staff member should have interest in furthering the game via submissions, be polite and respectful in e-mail, dutifully report bugs/typos/ideas, etc.  If you have an interest in being considered for staff, your best bet is to e-mail MUD and state that.

I think a lot of people when asking about the staff positions don't really know what it's like. I for one don't know the absolute details and would like to know more. What do the people on staff now think about being on staff?
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I tend to find them under the bed burried under the massive ammounts of pop cans... But they tend to be bruised, cut and most the time died of dehydration.

Creeper who thinks the cans heat up and roast them.
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Hey! Welcome back Delerak, you're certainly a ray of sunshine again.

Or understandable, since that helps avoid accusations of favoritism and/or people bugging them -for- favors because they know who they are.

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And he said, "Forget everything I just told you."
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And then the story went on.
New Players Guide: http://gdb.armageddon.org/index.php/topic,33512.0.html

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Incidentally, I am incredibly good-looking.

For me, it was all about the bribery.  A few beers here, a little cash under the table there...

The above is, of course, intended in humor.  :)

All your staff are belong to us.

I've received two very worthwhile applications thus far.  Even though I said just joking, keep those applications coming!

They found me on Jihae. Sacrificed a few Bynners to me, and here I am.

No, not really. Besides, that other aztec, Tlaloc would be angered if his sacrifices...er, Bynners...were used on me.

We locate our potential staff from the oodles of players out there.

Most of them we know as players and occasional contributors, either as clan leaders, object/room/idea creators, typo/bug reporters, board posters, or (most commonly) some combination of these.  A few have also emailed in specifically to state that they would like to make themselves available for staff, and we do put those names in the pot as well as those we come up with ourselves for consideration.

I don't actually know what most of the new staff members look like.  In fact, I think I only know the OL's and about half the HL's as far as RL faces these days (plus some scattered ST's and Legends), but then again I don't get to go to the gatherings like I used to.  On the other hand, most of the staff and players I have met scare me at first glance (except Halaster the fwuffy), so perhaps that's for the best.  ;P

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Sweet... Wait... Does that mean us post posting automons that really have nothing to say might come from the same similar thing!?!?!? Ahhh...

Well that'd be cool but then I would be related to John some way. Ewww...

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How do people go about getting on the staff of Armageddon?
Generally, a staff position on Armageddon is by invitation only; in
other words, don't call us -- we'll call you. Generally the process goes
like this: a gap occurs on staff; Sanvean posts a list of the people she
is considering to fill that gap and calls for additional suggestions;
the entire staff posts feedback and suggestions; consensus (of sorts) is
reached and a decision is made.

If you are interested in a staff position, it certainly doesn't hurt to
let Sanvean know you're interested. Generally, the qualities desired in
a staff member include the following:

Creativity and/or writing talent
Knowledge of the game and its world
Ability to function as part of the team
Sufficient time and energy to dedicate for the game

The only way for me to really know much about someone is to work with
them, as a player, a helper, or sending in submissions. I posted a list
of 12 people - other staff members gave feedback, including some
additional names. Slowly, the list got pared down.

All of the new staff have been playing a while, and all have contributed
to the game in the past: through community efforts, through
typos/bugs/ideas, writing reviews, etc. I think they're going to be
terrific and I'm looking forward to seeing them in action.

We took on more this time than usual for several reasons: 2 STs moving to HL and different duties; 2 STs with plans of moving down or lessening responsibilites; a couple of recent staff losses and (last but not least) player requests to find a way to reopen Tenneshi.

Quote from: "Sanvean"and (last but not least) player requests to find a way to reopen Tenneshi.

That just made my day.  8)

If thats not too IC sensitive or anything, Tenneshi?  Was this a town in the good ole days of Arm or something?  I hate feeling at a loss because I haven't been playing this game since its high water mark.
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Quote from: "5 day lifespan"If thats not too IC sensitive or anything, Tenneshi?  Was this a town in the good ole days of Arm or something?  I hate feeling at a loss because I haven't been playing this game since its high water mark.
Heh.  Read about them here.
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