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In what circumstances would a member of the common caste, we'll say (for the sake of argument) a Tuluki citizen, learn to read? I ask pre-generation, not post-generation. I'm just ruminating over a special app that's been running through my head for a while and would like to be concise.

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Or at least, none that would be at all common.

Slaves in either city can be literate, since they are property. They must therefore be owned by someone for whom literacy is legal (a noble or templar). If the slave escapes, it will probably be quickly hunted down and killed. If it is sold, it must also be sold to someone for whom literacy is legal.

Members of Greater Merchant Houses are allowed to be literate in cavilish, but not sirihish. Slaves of GMHs can likewise be scribes of cavilish. Cavilish is typically not taught to anyone who isn't a blooded GMH member.

In Allanak, it is rumored that some bastard nobles may be literate, although this would never be flaunted or admitted openly. These bastards would typically be in high ranking servant positions in their House and rarely seen in public.

The short answer is that commoners do not read.
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