Started by Cenghiz, May 18, 2003, 10:00:53 PM

A few minutes ago I was trying to get rid of a really bad situation, emoted something, then a strange echo/advice appeared. I reflexively typed "OOC WTF!?"..
Sorry immortal.. But I was really excited and didn't wait for such a thing. And then MUD crashed, after reboot I left the game 'cause I don't think I can RP my real character knowing an immortal's watching me.. But I want you to know this I meant no offense with the phrase, "WTF?!".

So please gimme a steel katana, chocolate cookies and milk when I reconnect. I deserved those...

And the question... Did any immortal get such a strange response? Or am I the only weird giggling male in ARM?
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21sters Unite!

Are you sure it was an Imm?  Sometimes Demonic creatures dwell deep in the sands.  And they don't eat cookies! :)

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