Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink

Started by Impossibly Addicted, May 15, 2003, 12:11:01 PM

I really hate to ask, but a very gentle nudge and a question...

...are a good part of the Arm staff out this week?  I seemed to remember reading that in the weekly email but I deleted it like a big doofus.

Just wondering though, as my char's been awaiting approval for a couple of days, and I'm squirming around in withdrawal agony, heh.  Sorry again for asking, and happy mudding to everyone who's able to play.  :)

A goodly portion are away on Executive Retreat in a secluded area, yes. However, if it's been more than 24 hours with your app in the queue, likely it's because you didn't fully disconnect from your session.  Log back in and disconnect fully, or we can't get to it.

-Shinigami, Long-membered Scribe of Tektolnes
Quote from: DeliriumA hunched shinigami prowls around here, gnashing its teeth.

Quote from: "Shinigami"-Shinigami, Long-membered Scribe of Tektolnes

Hmm, I thought Shinigami was a chick.
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I think we might need to change World Discussion to Armchair Zalanthan Anthropology.

Me, too.

Lord Templar Hard Nose stares for a long moment at the hunched Shinigami.

Lord Templar Hard Nose says, in sirihish:
"It's one of those andro... gyno... andro... just kill it."

Funny. I always thought that Shinigami was really AC's imm role. She just makes herself sound male to confuse us.

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A glossy, black-shelled mantis says, in insectoid-accented sirihish,
  "You haven't picked enough cotton, friend."
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Heheh. He's really just deformed and has one longer arm. It comes in handy when reaching for books and parchment and such.

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