Once in a while before I tried out arms, how do I try again?

Started by Former arms player, May 15, 2003, 02:14:09 AM

I dabbled with an account in arms perhaps one or two years back, I am ashamed to say that I might have had one or two accounts at the same time, fumbled with the codes, everything was a mess and I died...

I was an elf, or a half-elf and I died in the desert.. i remember that much..but not 100% sure.

My partner tried also arms briefly more recently, but hasn't played it any more.

Now I am more experienced at mudding, I do not remember my former character nor my account number... any chance of a clean slate and for me to make a serious attempt at playing arms? It is not like I have any active account, or any character alive..so it wouldn't be multiplaying and I assume I can't take my partners account even though I doubt that It was played much.

I am not sure how long time it takes for you to delete accounts, but mine should be gone by now, and my partner doesn't seem to be interested in arms anymore (other morpg yes, but not arms).

Would it be morally correct of me to create a new account, a new character and stop mumbeling about this...? And no, I do not wish to discuss myself, my relationships, my name or anything else personal..

You should e-mail the MUD, mud@armageddon.org and ask them directly.

Also just a couple of minor clarifications: You don't get an account number. You get an account name, one that you supply to the game's admin.

And the game is often called Arm... not arms. Arm, as in Armageddon.

As Bestatte said, the best thing to do is to e-mail the mud account (they're more likely to respond sooner there then they are here).

Although people who left Arm (by their own choice) often come back and make a new account (because they can't remember their old one).

Have you changed e-mails in the past 2 years? Can you remember which e-mail you were using? If you can, then (AFAIK) the staff can search for your account name by using your e-mail ;)

Otherwise my advice is to e-mail the mud account with as much info as you can remember. If you had any bad run ins that you remember then it's probably good to let them know.

They'll most likely just get you to make a new account ;) (although I'm only a newbie myself)

I'll have to agree with everyone else on this one. E-mailing the mud is the smartest and fastest way to get a reliable answer to your question. If you don't remember the e-mail address you used at the time, try to supply character names. If you played any special application characters, list those, anything to help the staff narrow down the search.

I'm pretty sure the staff will allow you to create a new account, as long as you don't create more than one. Multiplaying is frowned upon. Once you get a response, create a character, and welcome back to Arm!

-These are only my opinions and in no way reflect an authoritative answer.

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Oh, and don't use someone elses account, even if they aren't using it.  The staff attatches comments about what they have seen to your account.  Obviously you wouldn't want to be using an account that had comments that didn't apply to you, especially if they were negative comments.   :shock:  For all you know your buddy could have done something that is frowned upon, like leading agressive creatures to the gates, and you don't want that reputation dogging you.  

It's not just against the rules to use someone elses account, it's also a bad idea.

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I agree with the above posters in every regard.

Typically, the Imms do not attach a lable to you which is not capable of being removed, even if you were a bad player. Every Imm who posts here can tell you that I once was not a good player at all, but that since then, I have taken steps to imporve my play and worth to the world of Zalanthas.

If you had an account that many years ago, it is likely that it was deleted, as well. Typically, unless a note is sent in, accounts untouched for 6 months are deleted, if I remember correctly.

My personal advice is simply to begin again. Send one email stating your past, and tell them your new character's name. If they did not perma ban you, you will be fine.
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Once I gotten myself though the submission-change-submission thing, I'll try out Tuluk..

Obviously I compared my chars attributes to a fruit that didn't exist in HL  :P  But when that is fixed I'll be online..

Thank you