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Started by My 2 sids, May 13, 2003, 10:36:48 AM

I was interested in which Imms are responcible for the different asspects of the game.  Like are some people responcible for keeping up with tech. problems and some other aspects of the game?

Im very interested in trying to build up new membership and would like to help if maybe I could find out who (if anyone) is in charge of it.  I was wondering if there is like a group of people who help to create newbie files and such.
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The page linked to from crymerci's post, above, was last updated just before the turn of the year.  Nonetheless it's still basically accurate, a couple of staff changes notwithstanding.

Ultimately the Overlords are responsible for everything which is Armageddon.  However, much of the work is delegated among various and sundry staff.  Generally speaking, Storytellers look after specific areas or parts of the game, and act as a filter for handling issues (usually specific to the things they look after).  They may then hand certain things to the Highlords, who look after game issues/clans from a broader perspective and have a broader authority to respond to them.  If a Highlord can't deal with it, then it gets passed along to an Overlord.

Having said that, email to the MUD account is almost always read by an Overlord first, but it may then be delegated to an appropriate other staff member to deal with -- if they can't, then eventually it may work its way back to an Overlord.

Because staff availability and areas which they look after may change on a fairly irregular and unpredictable basis, if you have a specific question which cannot be answered or dealt with on the GDB it's usually wisest to send it straight to mud@ginka.armageddon.org, where it can be delegated most appropriately.

In this case, the answer to "who creates the newbie files" is -- whoever writes and submits them for approval.  I'm assuming you mean files designed to help new players to the game get acquainted and informed.  We try to keep these files brief (for readability sake), but still complete -- it's a difficult task.  The best thing to do is look at what is available and make specific suggestions for changes or additions, IMO.  You may want to do that here on the GDB, then send a final proposal to the MUD account if you don't see a response that it's already approved/rejected within that thread.  This is basically a documentation issue, which Sanvean coordinates (but often delegates in small chunks).

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What I wonder is... do the staff ever get to stop working on the game, and just play it? (In a regular mortal role, not just NPC.)

If not, man, that'd suck. ;)

Many of us maintain mortal lives in one form or another on the game, some prefer not to, feeling that knowing too much ruins the experience for them.  We do not share with players who we are playing, and follow all the same rules that we set for regular players when doing so.

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