The city sweepers

Started by I want my stuff, May 12, 2003, 05:39:42 PM

Is there a way to get your stuff back from one of those people tah go around and take things in the city that are lying on the ground?

I don't really like those city Sweepers. I have already lost a log in allanak, and a bag that had a lot of my things in it, they loot my stuff from right next to me, even with my arm around them on the ground.

Depending on the situation, you could have wished up right after it happened and an imm online might have helped you out. Something to keep in mind if it happens again.

In most cases though, if you drop something on the ground in the city, expect for it to get taken.  With folks dirt-poor and starving on the streets, who wouldn't grab a bag stuffed full of loot if it someone had just dropped it?

Thats funny because the Imms play it realistically.

One time I set down my pack to unload something from a mount and a little girl picked it up. I wished up for help and the Imm animated the girl and ran off with the pack. It was great. :)

How realistic is it for someone to grab something that you have your hand wrapped around..or are sitting on, just so you can rest for a few moments since it's too heavy to carry the whole way?

If I have my ass planted on top of a pack, the only way they're gonna get it from me is if they push me over first. And since they're not pushing me over to get it, it makes -no- sense for them to have it.

Well, it depends on the situation, maybe the little girl was a thief? He did put the pack down to unload, so his hands weren't on it the whole time, nor was he neccesarily looking at it the whole time. One time in Nak when we had a bag with rather... well, the contents caused one of the holders to drop it. So as I went to grab it, an NPC picked it up, wished up, the NPC dropped it too, because, well, the contents. Didn't just drop, you know, looked in, freaked, dropped, ran. Now if you were emoting that you had your hands on it, sitting on it, etc. The imms would probably just give it back.