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I realized on how useless my personal e-mail tends to be and it's like that for 20 years, to the point of creating so many rules to just filter out unwanted e-mails along with unsubing to e-mails can I can.


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Re: A Random Thought
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PSA: if you're traveling, queer and female, please please please please protect yourself. Even if you don't like guns, please PLEASE always carry some form of self protection in your travels.

This article highlights why you need to be this way:

Here are two self protection items that have saved me about five times and aren't standard guns: - Umarex Rubber Bullet shotgun - belt buckle knife.

The first option is a great one when you're trapped with a creep camping right beside you just like the guy who killed those two women. Umarex tries to make their rubber bullet self-defense guns sound like real guns when you cock them, etc. The belt buckle knives are good for every day carry, I learned about it from a girl who traveled around Egypt and while my girlfriend carries real guns she wants a belt buckle knife too because she's seen me get it through security 20 times.

Above all stay safe out there. Men who attack queer women can burn in hell.
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