A branch question

Started by Armaddict, June 12, 2008, 05:41:43 AM

A short while back, there was some discussion about particular skills.  The two-handed weapon skill was revamped, and in response, another skill branching for people who may use two-handed weapons often was discussed, and Morgenes replied that there was a problem with branching skills coming from multiple skills.

My question is if it would be appropriate/allowed to occasionally, at a certain point, begin sending emails/requests if you chose to go with two handed weapons rather than that other skill, and see whether it had reached a point that the skill in question could be added.  Would this be okay, since the problem with that skill being automated as 'branching' is a code issue and not one that doesn't make sense?

Sorry to keep it so archaic, I'm trying not to give anything away.  But I figure you probably know what I'm talking about.  If not...I'll send an email :P
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Please send an e-mail or put in a request (Question request) about it. 
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With appropriate roleplay of course.

Yeah I definitely consider this the "something is up with my character I need support" type question, which is not what this forum is for.