Type of damage affect skinning?

Started by , April 30, 2003, 05:49:10 PM

The arrows topic made me think of this, does the skinning code take into account what kind of damage was taken (Or at least the damage that dealt the killing blow) as to what you can skin? If not, I think there should, certain types of weapons will make some parts of skinning easier... some weapons will make some parts of skinning harder.

I'm just wondering if this ever got in, because it seems like another one of those "Think about things logically, and you'll do better" like sandcloth, and regaining stamina faster indoors, etc.

The code does not currently take this into consideration.  However, that said, it doesn't mean that players should assume it doesn't exist (a la "if it's not coded, it doesn't exist").

Even if the code allows you to obtain all possible items from skinning X, that doesn't mean you have to assume all of those materials are in 100% perfect condition.  You might toss out some meat because it is heavily soiled by leaky innards.  You might have no use for the hide because you sliced it to shreds in killing its previous owner.  Etc.

This is, of course, only one of MANY areas in which the code probably need not limit you as much as allow you freedom..

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