Ranger/Thief Combo

Started by Anonymous, April 29, 2003, 04:18:52 PM

I just took a character with ranger / thief guild/subguild.
I was wondering - does my sneak work in both city and desert from the start, or only the city?
Does my hide (that I apparently just branched to?) work in the city as well as the desert?

Just a little confusion if the skills were flagged one way or the other with this combination of guild/subguild.


My understanding is, You started with city stealth, but once your main class branches the skills you revert to the higher, IE, you now have wilderness hide but not city hide.....Um, BTW, I'm not staff, but If I am wrong, I would like the answer too:)
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I'm not the staff, but the last time this question came up they said that your main guild takes precidence over your subguild.  So a ranger/thief would start with wilderness sneak, not city sneak.

To avoid this confusion in future, I suggest changing the names of wilderness sneak and hide to show that they are seperate skills (and perhaps allow a city dwelling ranger/thief to get city sneak). I recomend Creep and Camouflage.   :)

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I'd also really like to see city and wilderness sneak/hide receieve different names. They really require completely different abilities, which is why they are seperate skills regardless of similar names. Although I'm all for camouflage replacing hide, I'd much prefer something along the lines of stalk to creep.. Something just a bit more professional. That, or make a pervert subclass that gets creep and leer instead of sneak and peek!

Oooh, stalk.  I like it.  Camoflauge was easy, but I was over in thesaurus.com for a couple minutes looking for a synonyme to "sneak" that didn't seem too urban.  Stalk is great.

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Or just City Sneak and Wilderness Sneak.

I think that would settle it well.

Yeah. I think there should be two completely seperate things for the two sneak skills, but for hide, it'd probably be better to have them the same. Mostly I'd think hiding would be camoflauge as well as not being seen rather in shadows, behind, under or in something or what not. Although pick pockets or something won't be out in the sands often, I'd imagine alot of the city isn't colored much differently, although they'd be more used to have dark and things to hide in/around... I'm sure they'd be able to at least know some camoflauge, and although rangers may only use camo type stuff out in the desert they'd probably know some other little tidbits, as well as the camo would work to a degree in most cities...

Maybe leave it so they can hide either in city or outside, but it's easier/harder depending on what class you are.

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This is just my opinion. I have no intimate knowledge of the Arm code so it is really a guess. If I was a coder this is how I would have implemented the current hide or sneak skills They would be one in the same, and to differentiate between city/desert all you would have to do is do a check on the room flag and compare it to the guild of the player. So the actual skill percentage might be the same but there could be pluses/minuses added based on the check, and of course appropriate room echoes. So renaming them would not really be an option, unless one wanted to go through the trouble of changing -a lot- of code.

As for the original question. You should be able to figure out which one you are capable of doing better based on the room echoes.

What room echos?
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Quote from: "Gorobei"What room echos?

I know with hide, but not sneak, if you try to hide in the wrong environment you get a message that tells you something about you trying to hide even though it isn't the city/wilderness.  A ranger will get that message if he tries to hide in the city, even if he hasn't branched hide yet.

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