Turn Your Head and Cough

Started by Sanvean, May 15, 2008, 06:51:46 PM

Loooots of spam bounce today in my mailbox of a kind that makes me wonder if someone doesn't have an infected computer out there and my address in their address book.  I urge you all to check your computer(s) for infection if you haven't done so recently and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MONTRESSOR install anti-virus software if you don't already have it. 

If anyone out there is getting pounded by 'failure replies' to addresses they have never seen or heard of, I highly advise that you go to


And download the free version (green button) of the program they offer called Adaware.  There's something going around called the Hydra, which is kind of a mix between spyware and virus, and while it gets past virus scans, I've seen it clear up the problem with 99% of the people I've advised to run adaware on their systems.  As I said, it's free.  You can pay for it for additional services/functionality, but the free version works just fine.
I seduced the daughters of men
And made the death of them.
I demanded human sacrifices
From the rest of them.
I became the spirit that haunted
And protected them.
And I lived in the tower of flame
But death collected them.
-War is my Destiny, Ill Bill