Can I get a definition?

Started by Shoka Windrunner, May 15, 2008, 01:19:56 PM

There was a couple posts of people wondering if what they were doing is Twinky.  Can we get a straight up definition based on different things that say that this, or that is twinky?

I always saw twinky, as doing something ICly that has OOC justification.  I can understand why some people would work hard at some things.  It makes sense.  But doing 'Happy Dance' over and over so it'll branch 'Fire Stomp' and then never using Happy Dance again...sounds twinky in a way to me.  Also doing something that realistically no one in their right mind would do because you know you might find some 'phat lootz' is definately twinky.  But I would like to know what the staff, either in consensus or seperately if you all have different or slightly different views on the subject think on this.

Specifically in regards to:
Killing of NPC's

Also anything else that is an issue that I'm not thinking of but you want to mention.

Disclaimer:  I know almost any action can be 'justified' ICly...I would just like to know what you guys look at and think to yourself..."Krath...Twink."

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     "'Oh, I killed me a forest cat!' That's nice; I wiped me bum after taking a shit.

In 1964 when supreme court justice Potter Stewart was asked to rule and define what pornography was, he stated that it was hard to define, but that "I know it when I see it."  Something similar could be stated about "twinking"

Twinking is intentionally acting out of character in order to forcibly advance skills in an unreasonable manner.  As to how that works out is highly dependent on the circumstances involved.  In short, it is a judgment call.  Truthfully, the best way to avoid "twinking" is to not be concerned about skills, but rather have your character act as your character would act. The appropriate skills would follow.  If you are doing something just to boost your skills, then you need to ask yourself if this is something your character really would do at that time.
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