Theft and Guards

Started by Callisto, April 22, 2003, 08:15:45 PM

Quote from: "Weekly Update"Can guard someone from being stolen from (Nessalin)

I'm just curious how effective this is?  Does it work in the same manner as guarding someone from being attacked? Seems like a good thing to add, I'm just a little concerned this is going to result in people who haul around two or three NPCs being immune to thieves, since those NPC guards are (in my experience) almost impossible to get past when it comes to the guard skill.
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I kind of figure that someone with 3 professional guards actively watching them would indeed by immune to attempts at thievery (in my mind guarding implies that you are really keeping a close eye on your target and anyone nearby). Its probably even less likely that they'd get stolen from than an attacker would get through to them. My opnion only.
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yeah, I believe that guarding also means not just stationary, but maybe patrolling a table, or actively searching the crowd from position.

I -dont- think guard should prevent a thief attempt if both are sitting however, and Ive yet to see how it works, so Im not sure if it does.