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Packing animals with Shields
« on: April 22, 2003, 01:45:33 AM »
From help pack
PACK                                                            (Equipment)

   This command allows your character to pack supplies, goods, armaments,
and so on, upon a beast of burden, relieving him/her of the weight and
bulk. When used without an argument, it will show you what has been packed
upon the mount.

   pack <item> <animal - optional>

   > pack

   > pack shield

   > pack bag kank

   Your character must be mounted for this command to work.

   Only certain types of containers can be packed; in other words, you
   cannot pack a sword onto a mount's back, unless it is in a backpack,
   bag, or some other container. Generally speaking, you cannot pack
   water containers (e.g., waterskins) onto mounts.

See also:
   mount, unpack

From a game experience:
pack shield>
You can only pack a mount with containers.

was just wondering if the shield part was going to be implemented or if the helpfile could be changed.