Year Names

Started by Fnord, February 24, 2008, 07:27:54 PM

It is early morning on Huegel, the 30th day of the Ascending Sun,
In the Year of King's Reverence, year 41 of the 21st Age.

Is there any OOC lore, i.e. docs, about the names of the years?
Amor Fati

There are 77 years in a King's Age, and each has a different name.  They are a combination of 11 different first words, and 7 different 2nd words.

In the Year of...             Jihae's          Anger
                              Drov's           Peace
                              Desert's         Vengeance
                              Ruk's            Slumber
                              Whira's          Defiance
                              Dragon's         Reverence
                              Vivadu's         Agitation
                              King's           *(starts over again with Anger)
                              *(starts over again with Jihae's)
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Ath: Mmmmmm, HOT!