Started by Fedaykin, April 20, 2003, 11:08:33 AM

Will Sanvean be popping in and out of rooms today, handing out easter egg items like I remember from some years back?  :)

Quite the dilema that was: Should I eat it, save it or junk it?  If I eat it, I'm filling my character up on food he shouldn't have.  If I save it, what will someone think if they find it on my corpse?  Then again, Sanvean took the time to make these and hand them out, she might be offended if I junk it! :D
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<Miee> The Helper Death Commando is right.

Sanvean wont be back today... I think she said Thursday through Sunday

The real question is:

Should you eat it, junk it, or save it...considering that a couple of April Fools Days ago, Tiernan went around, handing out lethal, exploding cigars to people.

What will the egg do if you save it and it hatches? What will it do if you try to junk it? What will it do if you eat it?

Its wacky. You just don't know.


Drop the egg, run away, hope for a crash.  It's the only way.

Or, if you have access to the Vestric orbital station, you could try nuking it from orbit.

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