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Re: A lost player...
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You don't have to be subtle to play in Tuluk. Only a tiny portion of the playerbase actually can do subtle anyways. That's like...advanced Tuluki RP, much like politics and such in Allanak. Don't sweat it, just get in and play!

Horrible misjudgement.  There are plenty of players who can do subtle.  But from what I've seen, a lot just don't like it when EVERYONE is doing the subtlety.

Definitely true on the advanced Tuluk RP, though.  While I can do subtlety, I -cannot- do Tuluki politics.  If you want to make a political type character, take the time to make a low-level soldier or house servant/guard type so that you can start to grasp the 'web' of interactions between the various powers.  I tried Tuluki politics once and was utterly left behind.  And then I moved back to Allanak where things make sense.  *snicker*
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Re: A lost player...
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Blackmagic, I think you have a common misconception about Tuluk. It is gritty, very much so, but it is just not as apparent as in Allanak. In fact, I would go as far as to say Tuluki politics are fucked up and brutal. You just don't see it unless you are involved. I'd say make a Northern Militia. Its fun, I swear.

QFT.  ;)