Immortals Beverage of Choice

Started by Krath, February 07, 2008, 12:09:43 PM

Ok, For those of you that do decide to drink alcoholic beverages, what are your:

1. Beer of Choice
2. Liquor of Choice
3. Mixed Drink of Choice
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Captain and Coke is the old standby.

I tend not to drink  alcoholic beverages but I do like to drink other things:

1 Vanilla Coke Zero
2 S. Pellegrino mineral water
3 Assorted selections of Vitamin water
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I tend to drink bucket loads of Coke Zero.

But when I'm drinking alcohol my choices are:

1. Beer is usually a lager, I like to experiment with microbrewery beverages, otherwise I choose a few brands native to my country or something like Corona.

2. Liquer wise I like the creamy sort so Baileys or Amarula on the rocks.

3. Most often I drink mixed drinks. Vodka is my choice of drink, usually mixed as Vodka, lime and lemonade.
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1. Beer of Choice

My beer of choice lately is Yuengling lager.  I really like German beers, but being in the States we have to drink watered down stuff.  You can not go wrong with a nice hefeweizen.

2. Liquor of Choice

Whisky.  Scotch or bourbon.  As long as it's neat.

3. Mixed Drink of Choice

Gin and vermouth.  Mostly gin.  Stirred, thanks.   Perhaps an olive if you want to dress it up for presentation.    Yes, I'm talking about your classic martini.

1. My beer will usually be a nice stout.  Mmm, so tasty.

2. Whiskey, on the rocks.

3.  Being over twenty one is awesome, but I haven't met a mixed drink that seems to stand out from the crowd yet.  I have found, however, that a drink a bartender makes you is a lot less sick-making than the vodka someone dumped in your <beverage>.

But mostly I drink wine.

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I don't believe I've nailed it down to one particular beer I love more than all the others, but when put in a pinch like this, I would choose Gulden Drak.  This shit comes in a four pack for about ten to fifteen bucks, the bottles are white and heavy, almost ceramic looking.  The 'beer' inside is somewhere around 30 proof, and damn it tastes gooooood.


Fuck, I feel like I'm cheating if I choose one.  Not like cheating like in a game, but cheating like I'm going to wake up to a bunch of bottles around my bed holding bottle openers and cork pullers wanting to know who I was drinking last night, and why I came home so late, and what would the kids think.  By volume drank, my favorite is rum.  By taste, my favorite is Patron.  By wish, it's the mead that Mr. Wednesday offered to Shadow in "American Gods."

Mixed Drink:

There is no contest.  Long Island Ice Tea.  No.  Contest.
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Beer:  K.  It's good.  Not really a beer, more of a cider.
Liquor:  I do prefer the Captain, I think.  But it's a tossup sometimes.
Mixed drink:  Agreed with looonsh.
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1) Aventinus Doppelbock. Heaven in a bottle.

2) Rye whiskey, usually on the rocks, but sometimes neat.

3) The venerable Manhattan, on the rocks, made with rye whiskey.

1. I like rogue (their ipa-hopped ales are great, their odd stuff like chipotle ale is great, can't go wrong with this stuff), scotch ales, german anythings, strong ales that aren't over the top, porters, lagers on the medium-dark side (no not american piss lagers). the only regularly available beer that I really like would be sam.  Mexican beers while eating mexican food is key, eg negra modelo, dos equis amber (not the lager)
2. Port, brandy, though I don't drink them too much.  For shots, I prefer to mix them, so thats not really this category.  For tequilla I like some of the deeper types, generally aged, certainly over the very blunt stuff like patron (though patron is good for mixing)
3. Gran marnier and coke, grey goose and whatever I happen to like anyway, chai martini, blueberry martini, dark and stormy, white russian, b52 on the rocks, gin & tonic in the summertimes.  Does this count pre-mixed things like hpnotiq?
4. I assume you forgot to ask about wine.  Thats OK, I understand.  Pinot noir (underrated in general, great with hearty seafood, screw this whites only for seafood thing), eiswein (reisling, german, dunno about the canadian stuff but I hear its good), cab sauv (duh), full bodied reds in general

Wheat beer with a slice of lemon, Chateau St. Michelle's Eroica or a nice Riesling, egg nog, a White Russian, a gin and tonic, a single-malt Scotch or a latte with a quadruple shot -- all in their proper time and season.