Started by Curious, April 16, 2003, 02:13:20 PM

Are magickers naturally more immune to the element they are linked with?  Are they weakened by opposing elements (fire vs water or darkness) at all?

While I am not Staff, I do own a nice quarter inch walking stick, so let me take a stab at this:

Find out IC.  Anything dealing with Magicks should be addressed in game.  If you feel your character would know the answer, email the mud account at and request a reply there.
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How are you going to find out IC shy of getting shot with magick?!?  Shamen knew what herbs cured and which killed and passed that knowledge down.  There should be something in the temple for each element accessable to those mages that tells them such information if it exists.  SOME putz had to have found out at some time or another!  If not, after you DO find out IC, share it with your clan in the afore mentioned temple.  This could take the form of an NPC of whom you could ask questions (RL it would be a help file or a message/rumor board) or a library, depending on the literacy rate amoungst magickers, something I dont know and am perfectly content asking about IC.

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AFAIK there's no -real- good way to find this out ICly.  You'll just have to wonder.  Forever.  :)

When someone tells you find out IC. It doeas not necessarily mean from aonther player. To take your question for example. I would go to said temple and see if there is an NPC there that looks like they would know the answer your character wishes to have answered. Then, assuming you find one, I would RP and try to talk to that person who you think has the knowledge. I would also wish up politely and give a brief explanation to what, why and where you need some immortal assistance. Dont just say ' I need an NPC animated, give as detailed information as possible. If there is someone online that has the time to adress your question at that time, they could take over the NPC and answer your question.

The answer could be that the NPC doesn't really know or they could, it depends on the NPC. If there is no response from the staff for 10 - 30 minutes I would wait a while (my personal preference would be to wait for another day RL) and try again. If that perticualr NPC does not know, think it through and see if you can find someone that would know the answer.  If your character truly cared about something set it as a goal for them to find out.

From the help files on magik:

QuoteSpellbooks, tomes, and grimoires are extremely useful, but also extremely rare. There has no doubt been considerable research done in the past, and these books are probably often correct or possess symbolic combinations which are lost in these latter days.
Most valuable of all, locating an older, experienced teacher can be the best way of finding symbols.

Although this quote relates directly to magik symbols, it could apply to any questions your character might have about his powers.