...naginatas, katanas?

Started by Manhattan, December 22, 2007, 08:56:00 AM

Why are certain Earth-regions emphasized when it comes to specific weapons, and other regions not?
I speak of the poniard, the falchion, the rapier, the guisarme, the glaive, the voulge...which are obviously European names for items that could
easily be described as various forms of a sword or polearm.

Is this merely a preference and style for naming weapons?

Why aren't broader, more generic terms used instead of the Western-influenced terms? I've always thought that the world was compared to old Arabia?

I guess what I mean to say could be summed up with one question: Why is the polearm in Amos' hand described as a glaive, but not a naginata?

Which leads me to my further concern for Arm Reborn...will the world be styled after Europe or Arabia or have its own mix? In this case, will consistency be kept in mind when making in game objects that quite obviously draw on influences that affect the creators?
A foreign presence contacts your mind.

Over the years many different staffers have contributed to the game.  People tend to create what they are most familiar with.  Considering that the lion's share of the players originate in the US and Europe, it would stand to reason that you would see predominately western themed creations.

As far as what the feel of the land is like, that is open to broad interpretation.  In many areas it has a very middle eastern feel to it, in others it has a distinctly southwestern desert US feel.  However this is not to say it could not be like some of the wastes in the South American continent, or the deserts in Australia.  The point I am making here is that Zalanthas is supposed to feel like Zalanthas.  While we may impose our own perceptions on the world, it is meant to have it's own distinct look and feel.  With the planning for Arm2, there has been no particular "this place must be must have the feel of xyz place in the real world".  We do look at consistency, and there have been discussion on that, but we are not specifically modeling after any particular earth region.
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