eq descs

Started by Anonymous, April 12, 2003, 08:58:20 PM

If I wanted to add something like:

<waist> a thick, jagged scar

or something to that effect so that it's seen when my waist is exposed, what's the process to have this added to my character? My character has recieved a handful of nasty wounds and I've seen other people with this sort of thing and wanted to have some added to my character to give him a bit more flavor. So what do I do? Write up the short and long descriptions as well as where I want them located and email the account, or is there someone specific who I should mail.. or is this not something the imms like to do? Thanks.

Mail the mud account.

You can also have these added in the 'Hall of Kings' when your character is first made buy 'buying' them for zero coins.

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