Hiring 1 LAMP / JS programmer

Started by Raesanos, November 25, 2007, 12:55:28 AM

Hiring 1 programmer to work on NPC / Object web-based building tools for Armageddon.  The 2 main programmers for these have other responsibilities so we want a full time person to keep them moving.  LAMP for server, JS knowledge needed for UI features.  Will work with coding staff directly.  Will not have other game duties.  This is a temporary position for these two projects with the possibility of working on other things if needed.

Include in your application:

Your account name

Amount of experience, both personal and professional, per skill, and where you got that experience

Other relevent skills

Links to sites you worked on with explanation of what you did, code samples, etc. if applicable.  This is optional.

Your vision for the object / npc tool projects.

Contact raesanos@armageddon.org